How to Help Your Teen Quit

Despite what you may think, you have a big influence in your kids’ lives. Use it to help keep them free from addiction. Be patient and willing to listen to what your kids have to say. Starting the conversation early about vaping and tobacco products is critical to paving the way to an addiction-free future.

Start a Conversation With Your Child About Vaping

Believe it or not, children and teens listen to their parents. In fact, studies have shown that when parents talk to their children and express a strong disapproval about vaping, they are less likely to try it. Download our conversation guide for tips and facts to help you start this important conversation with your child.


Know What’s Going On

  • Schools

    Because of their high-tech look, vapes and rigs don’t always look like something that should set off a red flag. That’s why schools are a hotspot for trading, buying and selling.


    Most anyone can bypass age verification online, making vape shopping as simple as clicking a few buttons and hoping the mail arrives when parents aren’t home.

    Smoke Shop

    Even with laws in place, smoke shop clerks don’t always enforce them.

    Social Media

    Social media accounts and advertising make vaping look cool and easy to access simply through a link in bio.

  • Flavors

    Fruity, menthol and sweet vapes have a distinct smell. Be aware of what’s happening behind closed doors.

    Hidden Devices

    Familiarize yourself with the appearance of common e-cigarettes and vaping devices so you’ll know if you see them pop up in your kids’ backpack or room.

    Spending More

    Vaping can be expensive. Is your teen spending more money than usual?

    Changing Mood

    Nicotine can have an immediate impact on your teen. Have you noticed increased mood swings, irritability, anxiety or impulsivity? Or even headaches and nausea.

Get Help

You’re not a failure if your kid is vaping

  • There are tools and resources to help them quit their way – even through a text coach. And it’s completely free. Check them out here.
  • It’s not easy to talk to your kid about vaping, but having a positive and constructive conversation (not a lecture) is the best approach. Remember to learn, listen and encourage.
  • Be patient. Changing any behavior can be take several attempts before a new routine is established. Continue to provide support and help however you can, but remember: even though you want to help, they have to be the one to quit.