Same Addiction. New Packaging.

Vaping is unsafe and can be just as addictive as smoking. With so many unregulated products in the market, a new generation is getting hooked on tobacco.

1 in 5 High School Students Currently Use E-Cigarettes

New Look, Same Hook

The way the tobacco industry sells their products may be changing, but the addictive result is still the same.

Vape Pen

Vapes come in many shapes and sizes that appeal especially to kids. Some look like cigarettes while others can be mistaken for a USB flash drive or pen. No matter what they look like, vapes and e-cigarettes heat a liquid that contains harmful chemicals and nicotine into an aerosol, which is then inhaled.


Bright colors and tasty sounding flavors. See a problem? E-liquid or e-juice is the flavored mixture that is heated into an aerosol with vape and e-cigarette devices. At first glance, you could be mistaken in thinking they were a kids product.


In just a couple of years, this e-cigarette has grown in popularity and now takes in nearly half of all e-cigarette sales. JUUL is sleek, discreet and resembles a USB flash drive. One Juul cartridge has as much nicotine as an entire pack of cigarettes – and sometimes even more.

Bold Packaging

It can be hard for teenagers to understand how something so colorful can be so harmful. It might be just as hard for parents to see the danger. Clever designs and bright colors hide the dangers of these products and are just some of the ways Big Tobacco targets kids. Sleek e-cigarettes designed to look like USB flash drives have grown in popularity among teens because of their attractive and discreet designs.

A Product Seemingly Made for Kids

More than 80% of teens who try tobacco products report using a flavored product first. Simply put, e-liquids are a flavored gateway for kids into tobacco products.

Vapes Are Designed to Blend In

Hard to spot. Easy to hide. Vaping devices come in a variety of slick shapes and sizes. They’re designed to blend in with everyday objects in your child’s life. Use these photos and learn how to see the vapes so you can stop the problem.

The Loophole That Hurts Kids

The FDA passed new restrictions on vaping products but more could be done to protect our youth. Flavored e-liquids are still available in thousands of flavors in Utah and across the country. While the FDA does not allow pre-filled flavor pods, they still allow re-fillable flavored vapes, single use flavored vapes, and traditional menthol and tobacco flavors. This means kids can still access flavored products, paving the way to developing a nicotine addiction.

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